Fire Pits

Fire Pits!

Perhaps now is the time to finally add that fire pit to your backyard! There is an outdoor fire pit to fit almost any backyard, budget, or type.

Whether you are on a budget, or the sky's the limit, there is probably a fire pit that will fit your needs.

No matter how rustic, modern, or traditional you want, or the size and shape that fits - there is a fire pit available for everyone. There are so many options available, from size to materials to fuel used.



Don't want the smoke associated with a traditional wood burning fire pit? There are now many newer 'smokeless' fire pits available. These smokeless fire pits are still wood burning, but due to their clever design, they are almost completely smokeless.

While fire pits can be a great addition to any backyard or patio, there are also many safety considerations to keep in mind. Though when used by adults with common sense and safety precautions in mind, they are very safe.

If you are looking for a completely do-it-yourself basic fire pit, you could likely do that for a hundred dollars or less. Or if you're looking to really enhance the backyard experience, including elaborate stonework and professional design and installation, you could easily spend upwards of several thousand dollars or more.


Fire Pits